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LP11 Small groupWe are delighted to announce the 13th year of the North America NVC Leadership Program, created by Inbal Kashtan, Miki Kashtan, and the late Julie Greene.

The first twelve years of the program have been an inspiring mix of deep connection, tremendous growth, and much learning for everyone, including for us as the program leaders. We are thrilled to continue to build on this learning in the 2014 program.

If you want to teach NVC, or are already teaching and would enjoy more learning as well as access to a community of support, we invite you to click on the links above to learn more about our program.

Please read this entire website before applying to the Leadership Program. If, after reviewing this site, you have any questions about the Leadership Program, please contact us at lp@learnnvc.org. If you don’t have access to email, call the BayNVC office at 510-433-0700.

If you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about our program, we hope you will share information about our program with them. You can click here to download a flyer you can share with others.

“I know of no NVC learning environment quite as deep and comprehensive as the BayNVC Leadership Program. I also know of no community of NVC practitioners as active, as connected and as able to engage personally and socially as LP graduates. The world I want to live in gets closer every time I collaborate with or am benefitted by their work. I see this as a living endorsement of Inbal and Miki's teaching.”

- Dominic Barter, CNVC project coordinator, Brazil


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