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General FAQ

How much time will I need to dedicate per week?

3-6 hours per week for participation in the long-distance elements. Return to top.

Do I need to participate in the long distance component?

We believe that engaging in all the program components contributes to meeting many needs for each participant. It also contributes to a sense of cohesion, growth, and companionship in the group as a whole. Doing so will also meet many of the requirements for certification if you are on that path. Return to top.

What is the daily schedule like at the retreat?

Link to schedule here. Return to top.

Can I arrive late or leave early from the retreats?

Please plan to arrive between 2 and 3:30 to register and to settle in.  If you are flying into the San Francisco or Oakland airports, you will need at least two hours to drive from the airport to the retreat center.  If you might need a ride to the retreat,  please take a flight that arrives before noon, if possible.
We would like all participants to stay until the end of each intensive. For East Coast participants, this is likely to mean returning home the following day.  If you left the retreat center directly after the closing circle, you can expect to arrive at the airport between 2:00 and 3:15, depending on method of transportation.  Please try to schedule flights that depart after 3:30p or later on the last day.
Lunch will be provided on the final day so that those who want to stay for connection can do so, while those who need to leave to make flights can do so with ease. Return to top.

What if I don’t consider myself a leader?

Leadership takes many forms. We would ask you to review our requested experience. If you are passionate about NVC and sharing NVC then please contact us. Not everyone that has participated in the program self-identifies with the term ‘leader’. It is a term we use to reflect the level of mastery that we are striving for and our intent for participants to expand the reach of NVC. Return to top.

Is this a personal or professional development program?

Graduates of the LP program have gone on to see major shifts in both their personal and professional lives. It is certainly both. The personal development that takes place is generally in service to the intent of sharing NVC with others. Return to top.

Where do participants come from?

Participants are principally from the United States and Canada. However, each year our program is enriched by participants from countries around the world. Return to top.

I am already in or considering a graduate program. Is this compatible?

This is a challenging and intense learning experience. It requires a considerable amount of time. The depth of learning is aligned with that in a graduate program. The ability to manage the requirements of the LP and a graduate program would be dependent on the capacity of the individual.  That said, we have had graduate students participate in the program as part of the masters’ and doctoral learning. Some students have been able to get course credit for the program and use the program as a crucible for developing theses research ideas. Return to top.

What do you mean by social change?

We believe NVC has the capacity to transform the beliefs, institutions, policies and practices of society. That a power-sharing society is possible; where basic human needs are met and where all needs matter.

We want to help spread NVC consciousness so that we all view the world through an awareness of needs. We want to create social institutions that operate from that consciousness, that are grounded in trying to attend to the needs of all.

We want

• to create knowledge and education systems that provide our young people with the vision, inspiration and lived experiences that a needs based approach is doable.

• to help individuals and communities develop the skills they need to interact with each other from needs awareness.

We envision NVC creating social change through changing schools and parenting practices; modifying the legal system to a more restorative approach, creating collaborative workplaces where each person’s contribution is valued, helping governments and social institutions create policies that include and attend to the needs of all under their care; teaching NVC practices like transforming enemy images; and developing creative pieces (writing, music, video) that help spread the consciousness of NVC.

During the course of the program, we offer many approaches to create change in many different situations. We encourage you to bring your own passion for social change to the program.

It is through all of us showing up with our own unique gifts, skills, passions, resources and circumstances, that we can effect change at all levels, around the world. Return to top.



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