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Grow your vision and skills with the Leadership Program!

The BayNVC Leadership Program is an experiential immersion in the principles and processes of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for people from around the world who are passionate about NVC as a means for change.

The program is designed for people who say "yes" to any of these questions:

  • Have you experienced transformations with NVC in your own life, and feel the call to share with others?
  • Are you inspired by the transformational impact NVC can have on groups, organizations, and social structures?
  • Are you a social change agent looking to strengthen your impact with the integration of NVC?
  • Are you on the road to NVC certification, and looking for deep integration while working towards certification requirements?
  • Are you yearning to create community that you can connect with around your celebrations and your challenges on your NVC path?

The Leadership Program provides a wealth of resources to support your growth, your grasp of NVC, and connection with yourself and your community.

We engage our program participants through materials, teaching, and experience on all levels: internal; interpersonal; organization/group functioning; and systemic.

Though the program provides rich opportunities for personal growth and healing, the focus is on leadership and supporting people to pass on whatever they learn in many different forms.

Our lead trainers, Roxy Manning and François Beausoleil, bring decades of experience leading NVC groups and trainings, and are at the forefront of social change in diversity and business.

The Bay NVC LP was launched in 2000 by founders Miki Kashtan, Inbal Kashtan and the late Julie Green. It continues to grow in strength and impact with each year.

Our graduates include extraordinary people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and from many parts of the world.  They share a common experience of being touched and transformed by NVC and a desire to share it with others.

Examples of how others have applied their learning:

  • offering NVC workshops in Thailand, Sri Lanka, San Quentin prison
  • peace-making in conflict zones
  • certification as  CNVC Certified Trainers and collaborating with other trainers
  • creation of diversity, social justice and spirituality retreats
  • working with schools, businesses, and institutions to incorporate NVC principles into their operations
  • transforming family and work relationships
  • working 1-on-1 with individuals as a coach, mentor, or counsellor

“I know of no NVC learning environment quite as deep and comprehensive as the BayNVC Leadership Program. I also know of no community of NVC practitioners as active, as connected and as able to engage personally and socially as LP graduates. The world I want to live in gets closer every time I collaborate with or am benefitted by their work. I see this as a living endorsement of Inbal and Miki's teaching.”

- Dominic Barter, CNVC project coordinator, Brazil


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