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Our program is a year of on-going learning and collaboration, featuring three powerful retreat experiences of living in community with other participants.  Components include:

  • 3 residential retreats with inspirational instructors
  • 24 weekly teleclasses
  • weekly empathy buddy calls
  • program assistant support, through mediations, empathy, and coaching
  • weekly readings and journaling

Participants also create their own opportunities. Examples include the creation of new NVC initiatives, developing and offering programs together, providing feedback to each other on workshop designs, creating community and forging lifelong collaborations and friendships.

Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to engage in-depth in both the theoretical and practical exploration of NVC. Core areas of study include:

  • Structural power and unequal access to resources
  • Conscious interdependence
  • Mediation and group facilitation
  • Teaching and sharing NVC with others
  • Core principles of NVC and principle-based teaching
  • Transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability in relationships and groups
  • Diversity

Please see Topics Covered for more details.small group photo

Program Components:


“The structure of the LP Program provides a deep container rich in resources to support your growth and connection with yourself, your community and your grasp of NVC.  If your desire is to immerse yourself into the richness of what NVC can hold for you, you have come to the right place.”

- John Myser, LP07 particpant, Prior Lake, MN
Marshall Rosenberg Event Organizer,
Previously worked as High Tech Marketing Executive in Silicon Valley

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