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"I returned from each retreat with more competence and greater confidence to not only live NVC more fully, but to teach it as well."

- Sherry Jennings, past participant, USA


Retreat Dates - 2016

  • February 22 - 28
  • June 19 - 26
  • November 13 - 20

group photo

There are three 7-day retreats which are held in February, June and November. These face-to-face opportunities offer great depth that is taken further and further as the group continues to work and learn together.

The retreats are designed to deepen connections with other NVC practitioners and leaders; deepen one’s own NVC knowledge, skills and consciousness; and practice NVC living, leadership and training skills.


Our retreats are held at beautiful Mountain Home Ranch in Calistoga, CA www.mountainhomeranch.com. It is located on 340 acres in northern CA wine country, features incredible natural beauty, the simple pleasures of a farm and amenities for learning and connecting. The accommodations tend towards simple and can be described as “charming and rustic.” Most people can expect to share a room with 1-2 others, though we will try to reserve some private rooms if needed.

Kids welcome in June!

We offer an incredible NVC adventure for those of you with children. Our youth program is led by individuals who are highly skilled in the use of NVC with children and is packed full of fun and creative activities throughout the week.  

The presence of children transforms the retreat into a rich experience of living and learning in full community. It adds an additional layer of living and working with NVC. This has been a rich experience for both participants with children and without.


The Mountain Home Ranch has a wonderful kitchen team. Meals emphasize healthy choices, with  food choices for vegetarian, vegan and omnivore diners. We will pass along special food requests to the chefs. While they often can accommodate special diets, we also ask you to bring any food items that you would need to ensure your health and well-being.

Retreat Structure

All three retreats start with an opening session at 4pm on the first day and end after lunch on the final day.

Retreat days are designed to maximize opportunities for learning, practical application, experimentation, empathy and connection. The formal training begins at 9am and ends at 9pm. There is a short morning break, an hour-and-a-half hour lunch break, a long afternoon break and a dinner break.
See here for sample daily schedule.


Leadership Program alumni have joined us at the June and November retreats in prior years; you will be invited to do the same in the years following your Leadership Program year(s).

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